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Amy Houk   (4min 05sec)

Amy attended church, but always worried about people getting too close to her. She would sneak in and out, making no real connections with anyone for fear she would be found out. When she heard about Deeper Still, she felt she did not need to go, but did so reluctantly. When arriving at the retreat, she saw the beauty of the Lord on faces that greeted her, but wondered "where are all the people that look like I feel?" Amy quickly learned that Jesus' blood had covered her just like it had everyone else, allowing her to recall her true identity. Amy now heads up the greeter/usher ministry at her church. Amy greets all who enter with the joy of the Lord radiating from her face- just like those she had wondered about when arriving at the retreat. Amy lives confidently as a daughter of the King. 


Emily Donels (2 min 20 sec)

Emily was 19 when she had her abortion and she felt like a failure and in fear of what everyone would think about her and her past. Later in life, she wanted desperately to help others, even serve on a Deeper Still team as she felt like she was "healed" already. But she had no idea what a load she was still carrying, and how much Deeper the Lord wanted to take her. She attended a retreat, received a deeper healing, and is now facilitating Deeper Still retreats from the depths of her heart that is fully alive and has been set free! 


Shann Wingo (4 min 03 sec)

Shann took an oath to be a man of integrity and honor as a US Marine. When he found his girlfriend was pregnant, he erected a barrier between his heart and the truth. The crisis pregnancy became all about him and his future. Over the years that barrier got bigger and stronger and left him numb. The Lord pursued and rescued his heart from a place that he did not even realize had been held captive. Shann says he will never be the same.


Jimmy Pitkanen (3 min 53 sec)

Jimmy says as Roe v Wade passed the supreme court and abortions were legal, nothing could have possibly prepared for the reality of taking the life of his child. He experienced ongoing powerlessness and began to shut down and supress the pain, thinking one day he and God would work it all out alone. But at the retreat, he learned about the power of Jesus' healing in a safe, caring, community-not only healing his broken heart-but restoring his relationship fully with His Father God.


Scott Newby (7 min 13 sec)

Scott held onto his secret for 27 years after he and his girlfriend aborted their child in college. They had career goals and aspirations for their future, all which changed at the reality of a pregnancy. He wanted to start over, so stuffed the truth so far down he was almost able to convince himself the abortion never happened. God, in His Sovereignty, pursued Scott with His grace, love, mercy and forgiveness. Even so, Scott wondered what it would be like to meet his child in heaven. He knew he needed to face the reality of meeting Jesus face to face, as well as his daughter. God showed up powerfully giving him hope for his future and a peace in his heart. 



Linda Johnson (3min 54sec)

Linda shares her Deeper Still story. 



Joy (4min 47sec)

Joy came to Deeper Still in search of her own healing and restoration, but the vision for healing expanded beyond her own borders and continues to unfold as she goes even Deeper Still with the Lord. 

Jason Hurst(4min 35sec)

Jason fathered 2 children that were lost to abortion. He tried to run from the Lord and from his pain, but God in His mercy and relentless pursuit, healed and restored Jason and that was only the beginning of his healing journey...

Sue Molitor  (3min 45sec)

Sue was offended by the white crosses placed by churches representing the innocent lives lost through abortion. As she opened herself up to what the Lord would speak, healing and restoration flowed freely in her life as she gained a new understanding of how God uses those visual reminders to stir up His presence and life in those He wants to restore. 

Deeper Still (before healing testimonies)(3min 27sec)

Testimonies of what life was like before God's healing through a Deeper Still Retreat

Deeper Still (after healing testinonies)(5min 18sec)

Testimonies of how life changed immediately following God's healing through a Deeper Still Retreat