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Retreat Advantages

Our heavenly Father is full of mercy, grace and compassion.  He longs to see the wounded and grief-stricken healed and set free from their captivity.  The Bible teaches in Isaiah 61:1-3 that God has anointed us, His people, to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and to bring freedom to the prisoners.  Further it says that we are to comfort all who mourn, to give a garland of beauty instead of ashes, to anoint with the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and to place a mantle of praise where there has been a spirit of fainting.

This scripture is the backdrop for our Deeper Still retreats.

God can bring healing to people in a variety of ways, but we have found that a retreat setting is the most conducive venue to help women go to deep places of healing in a short amount of time.

  • You get away from familiar routines & responsibilities for a whole weekend
  • You can stay focused on the necessary healing tasks without disengaging
  • You join a small community of women on a similar journey
  • You can relax in a beautiful and comfortable setting
  • You experience a Christ-centered spiritual make-over
  • You are part of a safe and confidential community
  • You are well fed from God’s word
  • You are well fed from the wonderful food we serve
  • You receive deeper levels of healing and freedom
  • Your destiny in God is re-ignited
  • You go home a different person than when you came

So, what’s not to love?