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Our mission is to

multiply ministry teams who bring 

healing and lasting freedom

to abortion wounded hearts.


To multiply

we implement strategies of multiplication, not addition, wherever possible because:

• There are 1.1 million documented abortions in the US each year.

• There are 42 to 50 million abortions in the world each year.

• It is estimated that one out of every three persons in our local churches has been involved in an abortion. So, it is a huge pastoral care issue in the local church.

Our long term growth strategy includes four primary channels through which to multiply our ministry.

1. Through Deeper Still chapters in CHURCHES in their women’s and men’s ministries.

2. Through Deeper Still chapters in PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER MINISTRIES as a part of their post-abortion ministry.

3. Through partnerships with EXISTING MISSION AGENCIES, CHURCH AND MINISTRY MOVEMENTS such as LIFE International, and ReachGlobal.

4. Through the WORLD WIDE WEB by our Deeper Still Virtual Retreats conducted by our Virtual Missionary Ministry Team members. 

Ministry teams who bring:

Our ministry staff and volunteers are more productive and effective when they are placed in ministry teams and in community with one another.

Healing and lasting freedom is:

1. Evangelistic – We insure that our retreat participants and volunteers have been introduced to Jesus Christ, who is the Savior and Healer.

2. Spiritually Transforming – As our participants fully engage in the spiritual legal work and prayer ministry that we lead them through, they are transformed spiritually and emotionally. They are set free from guilt, shame and pain.

3. Deep – God’s healing power does a quick work when He is allowed to do a deep work.

4. Lasting - When our participants experience spiritual and emotional transformation, and then live it out in healthy Christian community, their healing is deep and lasting.

5. Holy Spirit Led – It is Jesus Christ who heals through the empowerment and leading of the Holy Spirit.

6. Our Preferred Approach – We believe the best approach, whenever possible, is to facilitate this healing process in a weekend retreat setting.


To abortion wounded hearts:

not only to the women who’ve had abortions, but also to fathers of the aborted children, to their extended family and friends, and to others who have participated in the abortions, such as medical professionals, clergy and counselors.


Our Guiding Principles

Word Based & Spirit Empowered

The word of God empowered by the Holy Spirit is what brings the revelation of Jesus Christ, as the Redeemer and the Healer. Therefore, the teaching of the Scriptures and the empowerment and leading of the Holy Spirit are fully, intentionally and equally embraced.

Prayer & Worship Saturated

Because we are a Christ centered ministry, our foundation of prayer and worship both precedes and exceeds the breadth of our ministry activities. We saturate prayer and worship into every aspect of what we do.

Healing Differentiated

Healing and lasting freedom can only be found in the stripes, blood, and sufficiency of the cross of Jesus Christ. This belief differentiates our ministry methods from other models that rely primarily on traditional counseling or therapy.

Team Led

Believing that there is strength in multi-gifted team members and in the voice of multiple leaders, we are committed to a paradigm of team leadership under a gifted peer leader who is also an organizational leader with vision for multiplication.

Identities Restored

The consequences of abortion are systemic and can damage and redefine core identity issues for both women and men. Therefore healing and lasting freedom can only occur when a person’s core, God designed identity, is restored. 

Environments Prepared

We believe that the most conducive environment for healing wherever possible includes: where God’s presence and peace are invited and honored; physical and emotional safety; beauty; comforts and; privacy.

Diversity Respected – 

The abortion wounded heart can be found in all social, economic, racial, cultural, gender, educational and religious strata. We are intentional to reach into all of these strata and to culturally adapt our strategies and methods wherever possible.

Advocacy Affirmed

The evidence of healing includes the freedom to speak and to act. Advocacy has unique forms of expression, according to the individual. But everyone is strongly encouraged to walk out the fruit of their healing through love and good deeds.

Ministry Resourced

A well resourced ministry is more likely to be an effective organization. We embrace that ultimately, it is the Lord who is the provider of all our resources. Therefore we must both pray and intentionally and effectively work to recruit the resources of people, strategy, and finances.


Our Central Ministry Focus

To develop, empower and release healthy, healing leaders


to Identify, Recruit and Equip


to Train, Mentor and Apprentice


to Provide Opportunity & Promotion for Leadership into their ministry calling

The development and training of leaders is a lifestyle … that we do day in and day out in every part of our ministry through a wide range of strategies, tatics and venues.


Our Permeating Culture

A Culture of Health and Community
Healthy Leaders and Team Members

1. Growing in spiritual, emotional, and relational health

2. Become contributing members of a healthy team culture

Healthy Retreat Participants – Men & Women

1. Living in the light of the truth

2. Free from guilt and shame

3. Spiritually reconciled with their aborted children

4. At peace with their redemptive grieving

5. Walking in health and purity in their relationships

6. Have the expectation for restoration in their life

7. Gain their sense of destiny and find their voice

8. Free to worship God with a whole heart

9. Find their place in Christian community


For men and women to be restored back into authentic Christian fellowship and into the church they need to experience healthy, Christian community so that hope for community can be restored. The Deeper Still ministry team models a community of servant leadership that serves one another, defers to one another, submits to one another and honors one another. This strength and humility restores hope to those wounded by jealousy, judgment and rejection.